Release Day + Giveaway: Dare to Love (The Maxwell Series) by S.B. Alexander


Dare to Love
by S.B. Alexander
The Maxwell Series
Publication Date: February 16, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance


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Sexy, confident, college playboy, Kelton Maxwell has his future right in the palm of his hands. Women want him. Guys want to be him. And he’s got one foot in the door at Harvard Law. All he needs now is just one prestigious internship at a highfalutin law firm to seal the deal. Nothing can stand in his way.


A blast from the past smacks him right in the face, bringing back memories he tried to forget. Kelton swore he’d never go back–never put himself through that again. He’d rather pledge his allegiance to the devil himself before he drops to his knees to worship a woman—especially her.

He won’t dare to get close.
Won’t dare to let her in.
Can’t dare to love.

dare to love by S.B. Alexander


I jogged into the classroom. A myriad of perfumes bombarded me. The scent of lilacs, lilies, clean rain, and jasmine seeped into my nostrils. The last one almost made me stumble. That scent was imbedded in my memory and took me to a place I wanted to forget, yet remember, but didn’t dare. I rubbed my nose lightly as I blew out some air, trying to rid my senses of a girl with dark hair, blue-gray eyes, and lips I could kiss all day long.


“You’re late,” Mr. Brewer said as he tried to quiet the whispers filling the room. “Undress and get on the platform.”

The whispers all but died when he said to undress. Thankful for the undivided attention, I grinned as I scanned the room. Four men sat among the sea of women whose gazes were riveted on me. Some women shied away when I set my eyes on them. Others stuck out their chins, while others licked their lips. I’d bet my life half the women in the room weren’t even artists. They were horny twenty-year-olds attending a class to get a glimpse of Kelton Maxwell. It always amazed me how women reacted to the male species. Maybe that was the reason I took the job. Maybe I should have majored in psychology rather than math. But I dumped that thought. I wasn’t there to analyze anyone. I was there for the adrenaline rush. I was there because I loved the attention. My brothers thought I was way beyond crazy. But I was never the cautious brother. Fuck caution. “You’re hiding behind something,” my old man, the psychiatrist, had once told me.

Maybe so, but posing and showing the world the physical side of Kelton Maxwell was a high like bungee jumping, and I needed that rush like a junkie needed his next fix. Because I sure as hell wasn’t about to reveal my fears or secrets.

I sauntered over to the makeshift dressing area in the corner of the room. Once behind the wooden wardrobe panel, I toed off my boots then peeled off my clothing right down to nothing. The room was warm, and my body began to thaw. Mr. Brewer always kept the temperature high. He’d mentioned something about the warmth keeping the body at its natural state and coloring.

As I wrapped a large terrycloth towel around my waist, Mr. Brewer doled out instructions to the class then added, “Since a couple of you are new in here, I also want to point out that we’re all adults. The human body is a beautiful specimen. I’m certain that most of you ladies have seen a naked man before. Therefore, refrain from giggling and talking and concentrate on the model.”

dare to love by S.B. Alexander 2

The Maxwell Series

Dare to Kiss (The Maxwell Series #1)

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Dare to Dream (The Maxwell Series #2)

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About the Author

S. B. Alexander is an avid reader and loves to transport herself into other worlds–ones where vampires and the fantastical exist. Where life is the playground for the impossible. When she’s not working a full time job, and plotting her next novel, she loves anything baseball and loves to play golf.

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